New Jersey hit with extreme weather including an apparent Tornado

The remnants of Ida continued to cause major issues as it moved up through the rest of the country today. There were a few unexpected events that rocked areas of New Jersey in the late afternoon hours.

Outside of the unbelievable, life threatening flooding emergencies, the state faced an onslaught of tornados. These are events we are used to in Texas and in the plains. This is not something you would ever expect to see in any one of the Mid-Atlantic states.

One brave person was outside of his car in the right place at the right time. He caught a very large, apparent tornado in the the Gloucester County area of New Jersey. Absolutely terrifying. The guy holding the camera could feel the full effect of this New Jersey tornado and he also rushed out of the way when debris started falling towards his direction.


This storm has produced an EF-3 Tornado with 150 MPH winds.

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