That massive, world wide internet outage, may have been caused by one user.

If you are already uneasy knowing that the Internet could go down at any time, well, then this is not going to help. You may have noticed something strange happening early Tuesday morning. Some of your favorite sites were not loading. You were receiving error after error. Definitely frustrating if you had your Amazon cart full and ready for checkout. The internet was down. Not in some small part of a city or even a state here in the US. No, sites went down around the world! Was it a hack? No... Thankfully, no.

According to Fastly, the problem early Tuesday morning that triggered a worldwide shutdown of major websites including Twitch, Reddit, and even Amazon may have been caused by one user. That’s right, one user, one customer of Fastly, updated a setting which brought down the entire platform. This flaw in Fastly's software caused a domino effect took down some of the most popular websites around the world.

The company did state that they were able to get back up and less than an hour.