Forget 'Baby Yoda' how about Mini Marshmallow Men

A new clip of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" was just released with Paul Rudd having a small, tiny, run-in with tiny mini Marshmallow men.

The movie took this once 112 foot Marshmallow man, which terrorized New York City in the first movie, shrunk them down, to take over a store. Yup, mini Stay Pufts have taken over Rudd in this scene. They are cute, cuddly, and a little... destructive. Some are comparing these little creatures to gremlins and when you see the clip, oh, you'll see why.

Just like 'Baby Yoda,' if this movie is released on its target of November, I can see a 'must have' toy for the holidays on the horizon. One thing to note with this upcoming movie, it seems to follow the Ghostbusters timeline and occurring after the second movie. However, completely ignoring the most recent movie "Answer The Call." This is according to the references within the official trailer. I guess we'll get all the answers in the next few months.