The National Weather Service has confirmed a Tornado near Canyon Lake

If you were north of San Antonio in the early hours of Tuesday morning then you definitely felt the effects of some strong storms rolling into the Hill Country.

If you were in bed early Monday night, or well before 1 AM, you probably had no idea that this was happening. Also, this is just a great reminder to have something to warn you when severe weather fires up. My wife and I, were not getting any sleep because we just welcomed a brand new baby into our lives on Thursday night.

The storm near Canyon Lake was just a series of storms that were rolling through the area and they definitely got our attention because we live north of the city.

We knew that thunderstorm were rolling into the area but never expected to see the tornado warnings accompanying them. Today, the National Weather Service made it official and confirmed an EF-1 tornado on the west side of Canyon Lake. The EF one tornado lasted for roughly 2 minutes with winds estimated at 100 mph. You can see the tweet below the details.