9th Annual KTEX 10 Man Jam Memories

On Saturday 12/1/2018, KTEX celebrated our 9th Annual 10 Man Jam that benefited the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley...and the performances did not disappoint! Everyone had a great time - all of the artists were fantastic on stage and very  courteous with our listeners. 

I think it's an amazing feeling to see how people's eyes light up when they see an artist perform...and they love when the audience responds and sings the songs back to them.

The 10 Man Jam was started because in conversation with the Food Bank, we heard that they fed close to a million meals in a month! That is astonishing...a million meals, in the Rio Grande Valley! That should never happen anywhere, much less with our people here. And that is how this ground roots event got started.

10 years ago, we had Easton Corbin and Justin Moore do a small show for us at Winks in Brownsville. It was because of that show, that we grew it the following year - moved it outdoors and invited 10 of our singing country music friends to join us. After that, we decided to continue the craziness of putting on a show with no budget. 

Yup - you heard right - we do this with no budget...that's something that a lot of people do not know about. We have a lot of peeps pitch in to help put this together. I won't mention them in this writing, because I didn't get permission. This is a huge undertaking and my boss is always on pins and needles every year before the show...hoping that we can cover hard costs that we have. Fortunately, we have been good - thanks to support from local businesses and our KTEX listeners. 

We've been fortunate to have had 92 performers over the last 9 years. WAIT!...That doesn't add up...One year we had 9, another year we had more than 10...one year we got bonused an added attraction...Names like; Dustin Lynch, Brett Eldredge, John Rich of Big & Rich, Thompson Square, and so many others have all been a part of THE JAM...

This year, our Jam consisted of Dillon Carmichael, Trent Harmon, Cam, Maddie & Tae, Jimmie Allen, Everette, Eric Paslay, Runaway June, Granger Smith, and Danielle Bradbery.  Each one of them was so appreciative of the support that the Rio Grande Valley showed them. They loved meeting everyone - whether it was along the stage or during the meet & greet. 

This show seems to get bigger & better each year. The talent is amazing - between the star power, the vocals, harmonies, etc - it is an amazing event and a fantastic way to help feed a lot of people in South Texas. As a matter of fact, your $10 ticket will feed 50 people. AMAZING what the the Food Bank can do with $1...So, with your $10, plus everyone else that attended that can really add up to a lot of meals. (give yourself a pat on the back...)

I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing industry. The country music community if very giving of their time, talent, and efforts. Thank you to our KTEX listeners for supporting this event.

Njoy this quick clip of one of our artists...Runaway June...Naomi, Jennifer, and Hannah in a normal everyday home setting...They discuss life & themselves.

We will now get to work on our 10th Jam   Happy Holidays!   :) 

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