Are you a superstitious Dallas Cowboys fan?

A lot of sports fans and participants get weary when it comes to keeping the same look during the season...they won't shave, they'll stay in the same routine, and have a same day ritual in preparatation for a game. 

There are a lot of things that we do as fans, too! Wear the same jersey, same pre-game food, same friends get invited over, we sit in the same chair, hold our head a certain way...etc...

All of this is standard for many fans and athletes - as long as the outcome is positive - but what if the season is up & down...kinda like the Cowboys season is? Do you change your groove, till you start winning? 

For others, being superstitious is not a concern - such seems to be the case for Zeke Elliott of the Cowboys - we are all used to seeing him with his hair out - "the bush" as some call it... 

Either way - I am sure Cowboys fans don't care whether his hair is up, down, in a knot, or braided - - LET'S JUST WIN! Go Cowboys! #feastonafalcon 

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