Friday Night Suspension? Or ejection?...

I have been a fan of football for as long as I can remember. I love watching it in person and on tv. Sub Varsity, Varsity, college, and professional. I would love to one day go to a game a day - from Thursday - Monday to see a different game - at all levels. I've done them all - just never all on one weekend...maybe one day, maybe.

Football is a sport that many Americans love - it is fun but it is also aggressive and can become a dangerous game. During the contest you can have anywhere between 5-6 officials on the field. They survey the field and enforce the rules and protect players. Because we are dealing with 22 players and a large area - a lot of times a call goes unnoticed - but one thing is for sure - someone - somewhere saw it. 

I ran across this video that happened earlier this season. There was some foul play on the field. I saw this type of action when I was playing and it still happens today. Whether its racial, political, or just plain hatred towards the other team, fights and unruly play happen. This video shows a kickoff between two teams in the Waco, Texas area (Burleson). 

Watching the video is pretty evident what happened. One player tackled, strangled, and pounded another player. Coaches ran onto the field to pull them apart. And this leads to several open questions - why did he do it? Had there been some trash talking before hand? Was the other player instigated enough to where he took matters into his own hands? Did this begin somewhere off the field prior to the game? Did one take the other's girlfriend? There are so many questions. 

Still, does this type of behavior belong on the field? Absolutely, not! I have seen fights break out, because one team is ahead - the other is so frustrated, emotions take over and they get mad. If someone was mistreating your child, you too would get mad and would take matters into your own hands. Watch the video for yourself and hear the mom's view on the story. 

Was the offending player punished enough? It sounds like there was some internal discipline - but it also sounds like he was back on the field, the following game. Take a look and give it some thought.

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