A Star WAS Born - Did You See The Movie?

Did you get a chance to see A STAR IS BORN, over the weekend? 

I logged on to the Cinemark website on Saturday with fingers crossed that I could find my usual "C - isle" seat...7pm - nothing - 9pm...sold out...can't do Sunday because of football...argh! So Saturday 10:15pm it is...Note: I am usually chilling on my bed watching west coast college football at this time with one eye closed. ..but here we go!

Attempting to watch a movie this late was going to be a challenge - but the hype was to big to pass up a first weekend run.  

I didn't eat dinner at my usual time, because I was napping - so I woke up - made a taco run at the Palenque and off the the movies. As I was backing up into the parking space, I hear a clunk...WTH was that? I was inside the white lines - but did I hit something? It wasn't a big thunk...got out n looked... It turns out the car next to me -  the lady had opened her door to get out. Luckily I wasn't reversing very fast...WHEW! No damage - just a milliscopic piece of my paint on the guys' car What a relief! 

Now, back to the movie...Yes, I stayed awake for the entire movie.

I give it a thumbs up. What about you? I thought Lady Gaga did a fantastic job in her character. She was both submissive and aggressive. Her range as a singer is without a doubt overwhelming. She just nails her notes. Bradley Cooper was fantastic! I wonder if what happened on the Grammy stage was real or a planted "bag of water"...

A lot of movies leave you wondering about certain scenes - the only one I can think of with this one was exactly how did Bradley do what he did at the end? Yes, it was implied - but we kinda like to see things, so we don't question it at the end.

It was a good story of how he gave her an opportunity and helped her break out of her shell - - but even with all of  her love, she couldn't break him out of his demonsl 

If you have not seen it yet - don't think of it as a pop star Lady Gaga on screen - think of it as someone with a dream - but not having the confidence to follow through with it, until someone who believes in her comes along and shows her that her dreams can become a reality. 

If you did see the movie, I hope you enjoyed it. Watch an interview that she did with Stephen Colbert last week. The entire interview did not air  (for tv time) but here it is in its entirety. Njoy! 


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