The NEW Blake & Gwen - Turnin' Me On video


One of the coolest people to ever meet is hands down, Blake Shelton. I remember meeting Blake years ago, when AUSTIN had just been released. We were both in the lobby of a hotel in downtown Nashville. He was pulling money out of an ATM. I asked if he was using that to get a new pair of boots - his current pair had "worn" issues...but you know - those are the most comfortable to wear. The money it turns out was so that he could go day drinkin'. 

We ran into each other at a show that he performed at in Edinburg - the old Cadillac that time, he was with his first wife. She was a nice lady but as you can tell, that didn't last. 

In Frisco, Texas - home to a new soccer field at the time, we saw each other again during a Brad Paisley show. Another dear friend of KTEX, Bob Kingsley and his wife, Nan were also there. It was a great night. 

We caught up again at the RGVLS in Mercedes, Nashville for the CMA's, and one of my favorite visits had to be in Vegas for the ACM's. We had scheduled to do an interview with Blake after he got done with other things that day. I saw him come out of the room and he saw us & motioned "I'll be with you all in a bit" as he walked into a restroom at the MGM Hotel in Vegas. I got this crazy idea & didn't think twice about it. I followed Blake into the stall area. I started my recorder, walked into the stall next to his, climbed on the throne, reached my recorder over the wall and proceeded to start the interview...."We are in Las Vegas, at the MGM Hotel with Blake Shelton...Blake, how's it going?..." Blake responded with a straining....."I'm gooooooooooddddd!" He played along perfectly without even coaching. 

Luckily, we've had the fortune of running into each other several times after that. Each time, he is the same as when I first met him. He is so down to earth, always with a smile on his face and ready to have a drink and crack jokes. I will admit - he has this crazy thing about him. You may see him do it to Adam on THE VOICE from time to time. He's done it to me several times.....he gets VERY close to you & just stares...then without blinking, he'll kiss ya'! That's just Blake...

Just north of San Antonio's airport on 281 there is a fancy Marriott resort. We had a chance to visit a ranch near there, where he spent the day with us - shooting skeets, hay rides, horseback riding, then at night, a campfire & sang George Strait songs. He had to cut out of the campfire after about an hour, because he was picking up Miranda for "whatever it is she wanted to do that night..." Earlier that day, radio was given a chance to interview him. See the picture. His new album, BASED ON A  TRUE STORY was being released the following week. We were given an exclusive to share with our listeners. It was one of the coolest things, EVER - to hear him talk about how the songs came together. 

It is one of the greatest feelings to see him on national tv being a big 'ol superstar. Now, he's released a new single - TURNIN' ME ON - with special guest appearance by Gwen... Njoy!  :) 

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