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Creepy Things Guys Do

A recent reddit thread asked: What’s something men do that comes across as creepy?" A lot of women (as well as men) had things to say.

Here are a few of the responses:

  • "They sit next to you when you're the only two people in a place with many, many seats."
  • "They stand an inch away from you when you're in a line."
  • "Speaking as a 5'2" woman, guys you barely know or even total strangers lifting you up off the ground to hug you."
  • "I’m a guy but a semi-frequent bar patron. Whenever guys ask bartenders what time they get off that they’ve had little to no interaction with is incredibly creepy. It gives off 'I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot' vibes."


  • "Touch my waist to move by me. I'll drop-kick you. There is no reason for it, and it makes me irate every single time."


  • "Ask you out while you are at work or in a situation in which you cannot leave."


  • “Telling you to smile.”


  • "Talk to me (a male) about how much they disrespect women like I'm 'in on it,' especially if I've never met the guy."


  • "When men ask, 'Where's my hug?'"


  • "Asking if I live alone. I just find this question so creepy and intrusive. I can’t imagine they'd asked another male this question."


  • "Call women they don’t know by terms of endearment."
  • “Unsolicited [junk] pics.”

What would you add to this list?

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