Pena Eye

Dr. Raul Pena of The Pena Eye Institute and KTEX want to send you to see your Dallas Cowboys! There are several ways to qualify to win!

  • Qualify to win, weekday mornings at 7:05 with Jo-Jo & The Patchman during Morning Show Trivia
  • Qualify to win, weekdays at 3:38pm during Country Trivia with Frankie D.
  • Register online to win (Click Here)
  • Listen for the cue to call in to qualify. When you hear the cue, weekdays between 7am-7pm, be the 10th caller to qualify.

All qualifiers will receive a KTEX/Pena Eye Prize Pack.

One local winner will be chosen per home game, approximately two weeks before the next home contest. Winner will receive a pair of tickets to an upcoming game at AT&T Stadium, and a travel voucher to help offset the cost of the trip.

If you would like to learn more about the IntraLASIK procedure or have issues with your vision, call Dr. Pena at 661-U-SEE (8733) or visit his website at: