Water On Most Major Airlines Not Safe For Drinking

What would you do if I told you that water on most major airlines isn't actually safe for drinking.. not even to wash your hands!!

The 2019 airline Water study from Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and DietDetective.com did a study to test 23 airlines and the quality of water on board their aircrafts.

Each received a 'water health score' on a 0-5 scale based on levels of coliform bacteria and E. coli.. here's how they ranked.

  • Jet Blue and Spirit Airlines got a 1.
  • Allegiant, Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines all got above a 3
  • Piedmont Airlines (which runs American Eagle flights) scored a 4.33 (the best)

Basically.. DO NOT drink water on board that's not in sealed bottles okay?

Find the full study here.

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