Garth Brooks Was Once Pulled Over, But Didn't Name Drop His Own Name

Garth Brooks called into The Bobby Bones Show days after announcing the final tour stop on his 2019 Garth Brooks Stadium Tour. Brooks is headed to Neyland Stadium at The University Of Tennessee on November 16th.

He confessed that he is very nervous about playing the stadium because it's been so long since someone played there.

Outside of the big stadium announcement, Brooks just wrapped on shooting the "Dive Bar" music video along with his whole band and Blake Shelton. He shared a behind-the-scenes photo of everyone in scuba dive gear underwater in a pool. Brooks shared that shooting with Shelton was a blast and Shelton kept everyone "in stitches" the entire time from all of his jokes. Brooks joked that the video shoot was the driest his band has been in a long time because he mostly keeps them in the elements like rain, and heat with the stadium tour.

Talking about having some normalcy in his life, Brooks was talking to Bobby Bones about some things to do with his I.D. Brooks said that he still gets I.D.'ed at most places and people will realize his name and it's always a funny moment. He also shared a few stories about the times recently he has gotten pulled over. The last time he was pulled over was for speeding and it was on the same day his mother passed away. The other time, Brooks showed his officer his I.D. and the officer let him go with a warning, but it wasn't because he name dropped himself. Brooks actually said nothing and the police officer recognized him and told him 'because you didn't tell me who you were, that's why i'm letting you go.'

Brooks also said that he uses emojis when texting all the time. The two he uses the most are the crying laughing face and the hearts, because he's always laughing, but he really loves everything.

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