"Inflatable Hunk" Pool Float Is Here For Summer!

The days are longer and we’re all enjoying a little more spring sunshine, so that means summer is right around the corner. And while enjoying the warm weather and splashing around in the water, you’ll need a cool pool float to hang out on.

Some people will be floating on a pizza slice, an avocado, or a unicorn, and those are great and all, but there’s a new trendy water accessory this year and this one is just for the grown-ups. Get ready for the Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring Float. He has muscley arms, a cute smile, six-pack abs, and he’ll even hold your drink, all for just $29.

Amazon shoppers have been happy with this inflatable hunk float. Some shoppers have even named theirs, “Chad” and “Stavros,” but you can call your blow up hunk anything you like. And the best part, when you’re finished with him, you can deflate him and stick him in your beach bag until you’re ready for him again.

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