New Dating Terms You NEED To Know!

If you're out on the dating scene today, allow me to get you up to speed on all the new dating terms.

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  • Caspering - It’s a form of ghosting, but it’s the friendlier kind. It’s when the person hasn’t asked you out again, but usually replies nicely to your texts.
  • Catch and Release - When someone has been pursuing you and when they finally “catch” you and you agree to a date, they lose interest and move on to a new target.
  • Cushioning - This is when you keep flirting with a few “cushions” - a.k.a. your other prospects on standby in case your current relationship doesn’t work out and you need someone to cushion the fall.
  • Daterview - A date that doesn’t give you butterflies so much as makes you feel like you should’ve brought your résumé because of all the questions about school, work, and your family.
  • Dicksand - This is that powerful force that can cause a woman to lose all sight of her own identity and get so involved with her current love interest that she practically disappears from her friends.
  • Lovebombing - When someone gives over-the-top affection and presents at the start of a new relationship, but in a shady way - to establish long-term control over you.
  • Matrimania - Excessive enthusiasm for weddings and marriage that can annoy your single friends if you’re the bride and scare off dates if you’re trying to find The One.
  • Monkeying - Swinging from one relationship to the next without slowing down in between, like a monkey swinging from tree branch to tree branch.
  • Nonversation - Boring small talk with a dating app match that doesn’t really go anywhere or excite either person.
  • Peacocking - Can refer to a guy doing something nice to impress you or dressing up to get attention, like a peacock showing off his feathers.
  • Subbing - Short for subtweeting, it’s indirectly referencing a love interest in a tweet, FB post, or Instagram caption without ever mentioning their name.
  • Zombieing - When someone tries to get back into their ex’s life after ghosting them previously and it usually starts with a random “Heyy” text.

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