3 Places To Find Cheap Party Dresses

Wanna look good for all those holiday parties you got coming up but DON'T wanna spend too much?

Here are 3 places to check out:

  •  Rent The Runway - This site has tons of designers and brands, affordable dresses, and the best part is the dress won't take up space in your closet! You rent the dress for the day(s) you need it and then ship it back! Perfect for those of us who aren't #OutfitRepeaters. 

  • The Thrift Store - It'll take some digging to find the dress you want, but remember that you can always get it altered if its too big or you want to change something about the dress!

  • Etsy - Land of homemade EVERYTHING, Etsy is perfect if you want a dress made just for you! Keep in mind it might take a while to get it if you want it tailored to your measurements.

    Shop Tourmaline, $38

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