What You SHOULDN'T Eat For Lunch

There's no denying we've all been been through that zombie phase, or even worse, the HANGRY phase in the middle of the day. Why though? It's because of what you eat for lunch.

Your lunch is supposed to keep you full and energized throughout the afternoon, but when you eat the wrong things, that's when things can get ugly. 

To combat the midday slump, here's a list of foods to avoid or swap out all together:

  • White bread - A sandwich can be healthy, but not on white bread. It doesn’t have much fiber and has a high glycemic index, so it’ll cause your blood sugar to spike and you’ll feel the afternoon slump harder. Whole grain bread is more nutritious and filling and it’s better for your heart.

  • Mayonnaise - Just one tablespoon of it adds almost 100 calories without many nutrients. You’re better off with a spread like guacamole, pesto, or hummus that has vitamins, minerals, more fiber, as well as more flavor and fewer calories.

  • Granola bars - We think of them as healthy, but they’re high in sugar and don’t always have a lot of fiber or protein to keep you full, so you get that awful crash later. Look for one with whole ingredients - like seeds and nuts - that has less than 10 grams of sugar. Or better yet, swap it for some nuts and a piece of fruit.

  • Flavored yogurt - We’re talking about the ones with lots of added sugar. Did you know some of the fruit-on-the-bottom ones have more sugar than a can of soda? Yogurt is a healthy snack when you use plain Greek yogurt sweetened with berries and a drizzle of honey, throw in some walnuts and you’re good to go.

  • Mixed greens with just chicken - Lettuce and chicken alone won’t leave you feeling full for long. You need some fat and fiber for that, so add avocado, chickpeas or beans and you’ll feel satisfied and have energy for the afternoon.

There ya have it! Let me know what YOU usually eat for lunch.

Soure: Women's Health

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