2019 MXLAN

Event Name: MXLAN Festival

Event Date: July 24th-28th in McAllen, TX.

Locations: McAllen Convention Center District including oval park, McAllen Performing Arts Center, festival grounds behind convention center, and entire interior of convention center.

Ticketsat: MXLAN.com

Purpose: MXLAN is the 5-day summer music & interactive arts festival celebrating the past, present, and future of Mexico's cultural influence on our world.

This is the summer of MXLAN, McAllen's 5-day summer music and interactive arts festival. MXLAN is where you’ll catch 5 free days of concerts, street artists, artisan markets, and join real Oaxacan street parades at sunset- with a letter burning ceremony each night of M-X-L-A-N.

Admission to MXLAN is free, including concerts and more on the MXLAN Breakthrough stage.

Reserve tickets for limited seating at premium events like MXLAN Unite Music Festival are available. Get tickets for limited experiences like La Gela-Get-Zaa, a Tequila & Mezcal catrina night, e-sports, Neon Nights, Circo Hermanos Vazquez and food festivals at MXLAN, starting July 24th in McAllen, at M-X-L-A-N.com

La Gela-GET-za is the gift, Oaxaca’s celebration of everything beautiful about Mexico’s native people. La Gela-GET-za is a ritual of music, dance, color, and fire rarely seen outside Oaxaca, until now- during the five nights of MXLAN. You’ll see over 150 Oaxacan natives perform La Gela-GET-za alongside modern recording artists, free events and more!

Circo Hermanos Vazquez- The Arena

Circo Hermanos Vazquez is the world’s top Latino circus, where you’ll feel heart-pounding thrills from the legendary Hermanos Vazquez troupe. You’ll see The Arena, their death-defying new show exclusively at the McAllen Performing Arts Center during the 5-days of MXLAN.

Daily | 8pm | Oval Park

Revelers will enjoy (or join) real Oaxaca Calenda-style street parades, giant dancing dolls, live music and more. Visitors are encouraged to dress and join performers from Guelaguetza in this amazing parade experience.


Creator in Motion featuring Irving Cano by PALMS CROSSING

Daily | 12-8p | McAllen Convention Center Palm Lobby

At its heart, MXLAN is a bridge between cultures and generations that unites us through a shared love of music, dance, food, and art. Our partners at Palms Crossing are bringing this ideal to life by empowering a renowned Zapotec-inspired street artist to create a 20 x 20 foot original work live at MXLAN- an honor shared with places like Dubai, Mexico City, and his home- Oaxaca. See him live daily at the McAllen Convention Center Lobby.

Palms Crossing presents- the MXLAN Creator in Motion project with Irving Cano.


MXLAN Artisan Mercado

Daily | 12-8p | McAllen Convention Center Main Exhibit Hall

Experience the mercados of Mexico’s past with an artisans fair of over 200 craftmakers from throughout mexico.


MXLAN Breakthrough Stage

Daily | 730-12p | McAllen Convention Center Oval Park Stage

Free live music by artists mixing Mexican influences into new and unexpected genres including concerts from Omar Apollo, Le Butcherettes, Las Fenix, Dezorah, El Dusty and more on the MXLAN Breakthrough stage.


MXLAN Lights

Fri & Sat | 10p | McAllen Convention Center Oval Park

Low-rise fireworks show for all to enjoy. 

MXLAN Color & Letter Burning Ceremony

Daily | 10:30p | McAllen Convention Center Oval Park Reflecting Pool

Experience a letter burning ceremony and daily-color dedication that celebrates each night of M-X-L-A-N. Visitors should wear the color of the night.

Wednesday               Blue

Thursday                    Orange

Friday             Magenta (pink)

Saturday                    Purple

Sunday                       Yelow


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