Will this affect your Valentines' celebration at your school?

As a child I always liked sweets. And I love the special candies that come out at different times of the year. Peeps for Easter. Candy corn for Halloween. Hershey kisses in their colorful red, green, and silver wrappers for Christmas. But now this happens!

The company that made conversation hearts, you know the ones for Valentines Day that have messages on them that we used to pass to that special someone to express our puppy love, won't be around this year. The company that made them forever, sold to another company and the new company didn't get all their production issues ready for the Valentines run. What do we do???? I'm looking thru all my leftover candy jars for a conversation heart with I'M SORRY so I can remind myself how sometimes even a one-year-old candy can still be sweet, just not as fresh as it could have been! Or do i just break open that chocolate Easter bunny that has been on the shelf? Wait, is there an expiration date???  

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