Everyone in Texas is familiar with WHATABURGER. It has developed into a brand that we all love. People from other states make WB their first stop when coming back to Texas. Earlier this month, after spending five days in New Orleans, my first stop was Whataburger in Houston. Why are we so attracted to this place? 

Like New York & Chicago may love their pizza...California loves their In & Out, Texans love their Whataburger.

People love it so much that WB has made their ketchup and mustard available at HEB...they've created their own lego set...and now...for the hard core women fans of Whataburger.....wait for it...

From the James Avery collection - - - a Whataburger charm and Whataburger necklace! Yup - it's true, it's true...and it's available for purchase, along with lots of other WB collectibles. It's not just a gift card any more - everything from blankets, plush toys, ornaments, pens, even Yeti Rambler Tumblers! 

See a complete list of all the items by clicking here. Happy shopping (and eating)...jojo