What Makes You Country?

The debate over "what is country and what is not" has been on for a while...

A lot of people say "Waylon, Merle, Cash...that was country!"...OK, true to a point - but - do you realize that when those acts came out - they were considered rebels and NOT considered country. The older generation fought it hard & claimed - Hank Sr. and Bob Wills....THAT'S COUNTRY!" 

Before long, Merle, Willie, and Waylon became the standard...fast forward a couple of years, you have George Strait, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chensutt that came out with a 'still traditional style of country' but different from the "twang" we were accustomed to...Shortly thereafter - the "western" part of country & western was abandoned...

Today, we are simply known as COUNTRY. Is it bad? Have we lost / forgotten our roots? 

I don't think so. Stop & think about it - country is inside of us - it's what makes us...Or, is it what we wear - the boots, the hat...? Is it because we own cattle or drive a truck? Is it because we LIVE in the country? 

Can we live in the city and still have country in us? Can we wear dress pants, drive a car, work in an office and still be country? 

I believe that country is within us...It's how we were brought up - our values...I'm glad Luke Bryan released this song - I hope it sheds some light on a lot of misconception - that we have to talk with a twang and be a certain way to listen to country music, etc...Njoy Luke's latest video!

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