Bad Parent? Or...

I recently read an article about a parent who was fined $10 for not sending their child to school with a balanced meal....The Canadian Government's Early Learning & Child Care takes this very they should...but, to hand out a $10 fine? Sometimes this is what it takes to get parents' attention.

With all respect to "the system", I can't ever remember packing a balanced meal for lunch. PB&J & a handful of chips was the norm. On a good day, I had an apple, banana, or orange. Either way, as I got older, I relied soley on the cafeteria for the balanced meal. Most students claim they don't care for the cafeteria. Ours, in La Feria was pretty good. So good, we would look for seconds...

Let's see what mom sent: 1) leftover roast beef & potatos 2) an orange 3) carrots 4) milk....

If mom would have added some wheat bread, for a "sandwich", she may have gotten out of the fine. Instead, the school gave the child some Ritz Crackers to complete the balance...and charged her $ only has to happen once....I'm sure it won't happen again... :)


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