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Trick Pony is back together.  The country trio has announced their reunion on their revamped website,

They explain that the idea to reteam grew from their participation last year in a benefit concert in Boston. 

Frontwoman Heidi Newfield says they met for dinner prior to the show, and "instantly started cutting up and laughing" as they shared memories and caught up with one another.  She says it was "literally three old friends picking up where the good stuff left off." 

Guitarist Keith Burns credits Ira Dean with suggesting the reunion, saying the bassist told them he didn't think they'd "come close" to making their "best music yet as Trick Pony" when they split up in 2006. 

Newfield says Ira's comments triggered a conversation in which they discovered they were "kind of in the same place" musically, which led to them agreeing to team up again. 

Following Trick Pony's split, Heidi became a solo artist while Keith formed the duo Burns & Poe with Michelle Poe.  Ira went solo as well, and also developed his skills as a producer.  And now he's producing the new Trick Pony album, which Keith says is "the best sounding stuff" the group has done. 

Trick Pony intends to release the disc later this year, and support the project with a tour. 

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