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Jerrod Niemann says he's "very rarely speechless."  But the country star tells even he was taken by surprise with his label's suggestion for his next single.  He says he simply "sat there for about three minutes" then questioned "what in the world" he just heard when "Donkey" was proposed as the follow up to his current hit "Drink To That All Night." 

Jerrod adds that he finds the idea of making "Donkey" a single a little scary, but says if the record execs have the guts to do it then he does too.  The singer admits the song attracts attention.  He says he had the demo to "Donkey" on his playlist on his bus, and -- without exception, "no matter who" was with him on the bus -- "every time it came on, it stopped everyone in their tracks." 

"Donkey" is on Niemann's new album High Noon, which is in stores now. 

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